Pasdite në Top Channel – Interview at TCH

I was a guest on the TV show “Pasdite në Top Channel”, where, in front of a really nice panel, with the moderator Jonida Shehu, it was my pleasure to explain my hobbies, such like: art and computer’s giant world, that I practice every day, hoping that on the future they will change anything on albanian youth.

Ora News

A interview conducted in my home from the staff of the television Ora News. I have talked about my computer skills, the desire about reading, my published books and my purposes for the future trying to give a valuable message for all the teenagers. We should never waste our time, we have to use it to improve our knowledge to reach the unlimited success!

Interview at "Pa Limit"

In this interview I have talked about my passion, the writing. Have said my opinion about some legends of this great art, described the way how do I started this and how much I love to keep creating.
In the life, we never should give up. We can’t build the 5th floor without making the first one, we can not run without learning to walk. Everything has it’s time, but this doesn’t mean that we have to just wait, no! We should know and believe we can do it, firstly we should start and never see the end!

Hi my friends

Thank you my friends for visiting my website. I am a child that was born in 09.11.2001. I have four years that I write and publish poetry and stories in some newspapers and magazines in my country and in the world, as well. Like a child, I read books very much of classic and modern writers, for this I hitherto have published three books, one with stories and one novel with the title “The Black God in the White House”, a novel with name: “15 minutes game with time” and a book with poetry that I have published only on my language “Laugh and cry with thousand devils”. I have endways a novel. I have a message for all children in the world: “Dare, only dare because everything has one first time, and first time every when for everyone is so scary, and I confirm it, because I have tested out, and if we dare, we can kill our fear”… In this page, I will put my books for sale that will make you happy, because you can read the interesting fantasies of my age. We could say to all people, which are bigger than us, that we are someone, we have a meaning, they cannot understand us, maybe, but they can listen. And we can say to them: “Learn to understand our world please, or leave us in my quiet world!” I think that our opinion, will bring light in the world, a big light, a big light… I am sure!

Interview in TV Kopliku

In this video, you will see an interview that I have given to “TV KOPLIKU”, on the event of my participation in the “Club of Writers, Shkoder”. Shkodra is home of Albanian culture. This city has a lot of famous poets and writers. I am happy that I am a member of the Club of Writers of this city, with such big name, the same as that I am happy that I was born in Shkoder and I am growing & am learning in this city, which has to be well known in this large world!

Play in Migjeni Theatre

In this video you will see a mini-play that is play in theatre “Migjeni” in Shkoder from me and some students of “University Kristal”. The play is “Drawings” from my second book “15 minutes game with time”. My first play is prepared from prof. Qamil Gjyrezi. Opinion of this drameis that everything can be really but must to say our opinion without fear from our dare, is well to be obstinate in our mind, but everywhen with good idea that we can do it… All this play talks for this, and I convinced now, because I saw that I realised my first play from in this age…

With the poet Skender Sherifi

An unforgettable meeting with valuable and famous poet Skender Sherifi. It is an honor not only for France, where he lives, but also for my country, because he has the same origin like me. This poet came from France in my country, Albania, and promoted also my first book, titled “Black God in the White House”. His book is titled “Love”… I was very glad and inspired that this famous poet, Skender Sherifi gave me as a present his book with his autograph, and he was glad that I as a child gave him a present, my first book.